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Wild Smiles - Round & Round

Habibi - I Got The Moves

Girl Band - De Bom Bom

Joanna Gruesome - Jerome (Liar)

Iceage - The Lords Favourite

Twin Peaks - “Strawberry Smoothie”

*New Video* Benjamin Booker - Have You Seen My Son

"Sam got electrocuted by a dodgy microphone, all the amps stopped working and Pete decided to become the lead singer for a bit. It was all alot of fun but the crowd definitely wasnt amused."


Palma Violets on their worst gig at Sticky Mikes, Brighton.

Full interview can be found in Issue 1 for FREE online at

DEERS - Bamboo

*New Video* Merchandise - Enemy

Pale Seas - Wicked Dreams

The sounds of Issue 4 Inc: PEACE, Childhood, Fat White Family, Telegram, The Creases, Superfood rep Infectious Music for us, Phobo Phobes, Amazing Snakeheads & Eagulls.

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*NEW* The Wytches - Burn Out The Bruise

We are heading to Oxford for Truck Festival this week and we launch our features page online with a preview and our top 5 picks for the festival!

The Black Tambourines - I Wanna Stay Away